New $1 Million Ad Campaign Highlights Rand Paul’s Support for Obama’s Iran Policy

Major seven-figure campaign will blanket broadcast TV & Fox News in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina & Nevada this week

WASHINGTON, DC – With the Obama Administration trying to finalize a deal with Iran, the Foundation for a Secure & Prosperous America, will launch a $1 million campaign highlighting Senator Rand Paul’s support for the president’s policy of concessions and appeasement. The first ad in the one-week campaign, “Sanctions,” features Sen. Paul’s comments that “it’s crazy to think that they [Iran] are a threat to our national security,” and notes that Paul has broken ranks to stand with the Obama White House in opposing any new sanctions on Iran. The ad will air extensively this week on broadcast TV, statewide cable TV, and online in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. It will also run in primetime on Fox News nationwide. The ad buy begins tomorrow.

“Senator Paul supports Obama’s reckless negotiations with Iran, stands against new sanctions that would hold the regime accountable, and says it’s crazy to think Iran is a threat to our national security. Those positions do not reflect the concerns of conservatives across the country who rightly fear the threat from a nuclear Iran and an American President that would enable their pursuit of a bomb,” said Lisa Boothe, Spokesperson for the Foundation for a Secure & Prosperous America. “Americans need to speak up on these threats to our national security now more than ever, and so we are asking them to tell Senator Paul: don’t trust Obama, don’t trust Iran, and don’t let the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism get their hands on the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

Ad Buy Details:

    • Manchester Broadcast TV, New Hampshire statewide Fox News – $170,000 running Weds-Sun
    • Charleston & Greenville-Spartanburg Broadcast TV & South Carolina statewide Fox News – $180,000 running Weds-Sun
    • Des Moines & Sioux City Broadcast TV & Iowa statewide Fox news – $200,000 running Weds-Sun
    • Las Vegas (NV) Broadcast & Nevada statewide Fox News – $150,000 running Thurs-Sun
    • National Fox News & Digital Ads – $300,000 will be spent on key Fox News shows nationwide & with online digital advertising in four states from Weds-Sun.

Note: The state TV ads will run between 80-100 times per day in each market including broadcast & cable.

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